Integrity swoops for Denver firm

Integrity emerges for Denver firm

Integrity Marketing Group has announced it has entered into an agreement to acquire the Annuity Agents Alliance, a Denver-based insurance marketing organization. As part of the acquisition, Anthony Owen, president of Annuity Agents Alliance, will become a managing partner in Integrity.

Founded in 2006, Annuity Agents Alliance supports a network of agents offering annuities and life insurance. The company specializes in marketing, sales processes, and case design to help agents build a thriving business. Currently, the Annuity Agents Alliance includes more than 250 agents and advisors producing more than $550 million in annual premiums paid.

“With their strong growth trajectory and impressive track record, there is no doubt that Anthony and his team at Annuity Agents Alliance understand how to best deliver annuities and life insurance products to the Americans who need them,” said Bryan W. Adams, co – founder and CEO of Integrity. “Integrity offers companies such as the Annuity Agents Alliance an ideal solution for the next growth phase.

“Anthony can focus on what he does best while feeling secure in the roadmap for the future of the company and its employees. In addition, its agent partners gain access to the technology and resources that will enhance their business and ultimately help them serve more consumers. By working together, both Integrity and Annuity Agents Alliance will achieve greater success. We couldn’t be happier to bring Anthony’s experience and passion for service into the Integrity family.”

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“As our business grows, I want to continue to focus on the core competencies that set us apart,” said Owen. “Integrity provides the systems that allow us to relieve administrative burdens and spend more of our time in the areas where we can best support our agent partners. The industry is becoming increasingly complex; Providing our agent partners with Integrity’s cost-effective technology, product development and customer support helps them grow faster and stronger.

“We are also excited to integrate the complementary financial services and insurance products that Integrity offers to help our agents build a comprehensive business. An Integrity partnership is a great opportunity for Annuity Agents Alliance to scale and serve our customers in new ways, and we look forward to an incredibly bright future.”

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