Progressive-affiliated insurance agency's racist Juneteenth sign generates outrage

A progressive insurance company’s racist Juneteenth sign sparks outrage

An image of the racist sign, shared Monday, sparked outrage on social media.

Allura Stillwagon, who shared the board with her online followers, told NPR: “I had to read it more than once because I thought it was something [my mom] saw on facebook. But when she said it was a business? [in town]I was immediately disgusted.”

“People think that Maine isn’t very racist and that it’s pretty liberal. But it’s not like that in the North at all,” Stillwagon said.

Progressive and Harry E Reed did not respond to a request for comment, NPR reported.

In a statement on Tuesday, Steve Golieb, chairman of the Millinocket Town Council, condemned the sign as a “blatant disregard for human decency”.

“It is deeply saddening, shameful and unacceptable for anyone to try to shed light on Juneteenth and what it represents to millions of slaves and their living descendants,” Golieb said.

Millinocket is a “wonderful place to live,” Golieb said, and the city “does not accept or endorse anything but inclusiveness.”

Juneteenth is a federal U.S. holiday commemorating the emancipation of enslaved African Americans, celebrated on June 19.

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